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Language courses, translating, interpreting

Welcome to my website! You are in the right place for all things language: English, Romanian or Slovene - take your pick!

• Are you interested in becoming more confident when you speak in English?

• Would you like to take an English exam – FCE, CAE, CPE or BEC – to formally prove your knowledge?

• Do you simply want to practise your conversation and become able to talk about any topic in English?

• Are you after polishing off those grammar points?

• Would you like to gain further knowledge of business or specialised English?

• Would you like to learn Romanian or Slovene?

• Do you need translations from English, French, Italian and Slovene into Romanian or vice versa?

•Are you after an interpreter in the English, French, Italian and Slovene into Romanian language combination?

If the answer is YES to any of these, I am the person you need.

For Language courses, the most important point is that they will be entirely tailored to suit your requirements of programme, time and intensity of learning. The teacher will put an initial diagnosis on your present level of English and, depending on your needs, will suggest ways to improve it.

The advantages of taking a course with me are several:

» personalised one-to-one tuition
» special attention paid to your needs
» relaxed environment
» professional and friendly approach
» knowledgeable teacher who will encourage even the shiest student

For Translating, Language editing and Interpreting, my knowledge of languages and experience in working with them combined with my native speaker level in Romanian will ensure your message gets across properly to your business partners or larger audiences you wish to reach.

Have you made your choice yet? I am ready to take your order and prepare an exquisite programme especially for you!