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Language courses

English lessons  

Whether you are a complete beginner or already master the language to a certain extent, I can help further your knowledge in a seriously fun and funnily serious way.

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» Courses from elementary (A1) to proficiency (C2) levels

» Preparation for formal exams:

  › Cambridge General English Exams from B2 to C2 levels:
      • First Certificate in English - FCE
      • Certificate in Advanced English - CAE
      • Certificate of Proficiency in English - CPE
  › Cambridge Business English Exams from B1 to C1 levels:
      • BEC Preliminary
      • BEC Vantage
      • BEC Higher

» General, Business and Conversational English

» Tailor-made courses for specific purposes (Writing letters, Writing e-mails, English for secretaries)

Let's learn and improve your English together!

Romanian lessons  

Vorbiți românește?

Do you already do business in Romania? Would you like to get onto the Romanian market? Would you like to learn Romanian just for the love of the language? Would you like to go on a holiday to Romania and acquire some basic knowledge of Romanian before you go?

You might know that Romania has 22 million inhabitants and is thus a very attractive market for business people. You might also know the saying: 'If I want to buy something from you I will speak my language, but if I want to sell you something I will speak your language.' English is usually a good language to communicate with your Romanian business partners in, but Romanian will definitely impress them and give you a bigger advantage.

For a view of my beautiful homeland and a get-to-know the Romanian language, visit and

Haideți să învățăm românește împreună!

Slovene lessons   

Govorite slovensko?

My language menu also includes beginner lessons in Slovene. Slovene or Slovenian is perhaps a lesser known language of a small but beautiful country of the former Yugoslavia, Slovenia. You can find out more information about the country and its language here: and

Skype lessons  

Want to learn from the comfort of your own home or office?

In our globalised world, where technology is at the touch of not only one button, many people prefer to telework or perform other activities via instant messaging, for example. That, plus economising time, avoiding the hassle of traffic while helping to save the planet some CO2, makes Skyping a valid alternative to your physical presence in the same space as your teacher. Skype lessons are therefore also available upon agreement.